Here's what you'll get

The Tinder Special

You’re looking for right swipes or profile views and know that the right photos would make all the difference. Using Facebook and/or images you send me, with The Tinder Special ($149), I’ll…

  • Pick your pics! This includes selecting, editing (color, contrast, light touchups…you know, the technical stuff), and sizing
  • Hit you with an upload order (not literally)
  • Suggest photos that you should take and upload in the future! Where you are, what you’re doing or wearing, who you’re get the idea


You’ve got writing chops, but you’re just not getting the response that you want. Well, D-I-(sorta)-Y ($249)! To give you the confidence boost you need, I’ll…

  • Throw in The Tinder Special! No photo work for you.
  • Analyze everything from formatting to structure to tone
  • Ask you questions—that you should ask yourself! The answers will lead you to more compelling content
  • Provide personalized actionable tips, tricks, and techniques for updating your profile now—and in the future
  • Pair all of that with a solid copy edit. Grammatical mistakes be gone!

The Whole Shebang

You’ve thrown your hands in the air—or just don’t know where to start! The Whole Shebang ($397) is the relief you’ve been waiting for. I’ll…

  • Throw in The Tinder Special! No photo work for you.
  • Throw in the D-I-(sorta)-Y! (But wait! There’s more!)
  • First, I’ll send you a list of easy, personalized questions via email that will let me get to know the real you. Then…
  • Rewrite your entire profile! With copy personalized specifically for you, your personality and, of course, your ideal match

Profile Polish in the Press

What people are saying:

“After a few weeks, a lovely little lady sent me a message and guess what: we've been dating for 8 months! Things are going really well, and we're both confident this is something permanent. Thank you very much for your service. It was a pleasure working with you and hope you can help others like me.”

— Greg, 29, on OkCupid in Los Angeles, CA

“How's this for immediate feedback? I literally just changed my profile to the text you provided (I mean minutes ago), and I immediately received a message that talked in detail about the content of my profile and even said, 'So many profiles I read don't help me understand the heart of the person. But yours did.' Thank you!”

— Emma, 47, on in DC

“I'm feeling 100x more confident about my profile now...I feel like it shows who I am.”

— Shanea, 31, on in San Francisco

“Unfortunately, some of us don't feel comfortable asking friends to critique our dating profiles, so it's appreciated when a stranger does. And I've just had a very attractive woman email me (I didn't email her first) after I'd changed my profile in accordance with your suggestions, which is something of a first!”

— Paul, 40, on in the UK

still got questions? I’ve got answers.

How long until I’m the most popular kid on the internet?
Not long! I’ll give you a more specific estimate after we connect.
Will you work with dating sites other than OkCupid?
Absolutely! Name your platform., JDate, How About We…, eHarmony, Our Time, Farmers Only (yes, really!)…
Do I have to meet you in person?
Nope! This is online dating, isn’t it? No scheduling, no lengthy chats—everything is done through the wonder of the interwebs.
But I still suck at messaging. Can you help with that, too?
You know it! While message consultation is not included in any of the packages, I’m happy to consult on a case-by-case basis.
I sent you my profile, but I haven’t heard back! What gives?
Remember, it’s a one-woman operation over here! I complete profiles in the order that they come in. Don’t worry—I haven’t forgotten about you.
Have more questions? You guessed it—email me!