Online dating shouldn’t suck—but often times, it does. It’s not necessarily that you‘re undateable…your online profile might be, though. Don’t get down—it’s not your fault! Writing about yourself is hard, and that shouldn’t stop you from going out with great matches.

That’s where we come in. We’ll take care of the stress of putting your profile on (internet) paper, help you look your best, and boost your online dating game, to boot.

So, care for a Profile Polish?

What are you going to do?

Makeover your dating profile. Don’t worry—it will still be you. Just a better-sounding, better-looking version of you.


I’ll need access to your Facebook photos custom essayonline (or a Dropbox link with album), online dating account—as is!—and (here’s the rough part) a fully completed profile. Then, I’ll follow up with my own questions, personalized just for you, your profile, and your individual needs, and voila.

Who do you work with?

Everyone! I’ve helped men, women, straight, gay, bi, young, middle, old…you name it. If you’re a human and you’re dating online, I can help.

Pfft!  Why should I let you do it?

Honestly, because I’m good. More generally, I’m a 20-something freelance writer, editor, and serial online dater with an eye for marketing people. I’ll help your profile sound more like who you really are and get you the response you’ve been longing for. Check out some of my handiwork firsthand here, and see what the media is saying on the home page!